The Semper Society

The Semper SocietyThroughout Shady Side Academy's history, numerous acts of individual generosity have enabled the Academy to become and remain the preeminent independent school in western Pennsylvania. Many of these charitable contributions have taken the form of planned gifts. Shady Side Academy created the Semper Society to thank and recognize these generous individuals who have made planned gifts as wonderful gestures of hope and faith in Shady Side's future.

Semper Society gifts can take the form of bequests, charitable trusts, life insurance policies, charitable gift annuities or contributions to our Pooled Income fund. The Academy salutes the generosity and support of this very special group of alumni, parents, and friends. Their thoughtful acts have helped ensure the continuing excellence of a Shady Side Academy education for future generations of our students.

For more information please contact Allison F. Saras, Ph.D. at 412-968-3077 or

Semper Society Members

Anonymous 1985
Edward Ahrens* 1932
Frank L. Arensberg* 1962
John A. Aufhammer* 1929
Fred C. Babcock* 1931
George A. Bartholomew* 1941
Anne G. Baum Trust*
Paul G. Benedum, Jr. 1950
Donald D. Borden 1946
Edward Boshell, Jr. 1953
Robert M. Bragdon* 1934
John E. Brownell, Jr.* 1950
John G. Buchanan* 1905
Charles R. Burke*
J. P. Cameron
Slo and Michael Casey 1970
Miles Charest*
John P. Davis, Jr. 1942
Anne B. Deike*
Sylvia DeMarco
Catherine H. Demmler*
Janet R*. and John H. Demmler 1950
Ralph Demmler*
James Dinkey* 1955
A. R. (Bob) Dismukes, Jr.* 1941
Ann* and Robert* Egan 1948
John Fisher* 1941
George L. Follansbee* 1930
Julie B. Follansbee*
Richard Follansbee* 1938
Frederick W. Fraley 1950
Stephen E. Fuhrer 1982
Henry J. Gailliot
W. P. Getty*
William P. Getty 1963
Nancy and Ronald* Giallonardo
Olive Gilliand*
George H. Gilmore 1942
Marilyn* and James* Gilmore 1941
David A. Gilpatrick 1981
Sanford H. Goldstein* 1948
Freda Gray*
Sean Gray 1997
Sally N.* and George R.* Graham 1955
Richard F. Gregory*
Christine Gregory
James P. Hackett, Jr. 1961
Cherie and Fred Half 1962
James W. Hamilton* 1935
Lilian L. Halpern
W. Scott Harlan 1955
Hilary E. Harley 1982
Eugene M. Heckman* 1910
Carl W. Herrmann III* 1948
Dorothy S. Hill
Nancy C. and Paul S. Hill 1980
Dana M. Hollinshead 1985
Edward Alexander Howson, Jr. 1982
Alfred M. Hunt* 1938
David W. Hunter* 1946
Edward A. Irvin* 1950
Paul R. Jenkins* 1950
Walter F. Jenkins 1984
Richard W. Kappel* 1950
George E. Klingelhofer* 1943
John R. Knepper 1957
John R. Kramer 1957
Karl F. Krieger 1949
James C. Kuhn 1963
Charles M. Lynch 1958
Mary* and William T.* Marsh
Donald Marriott
Andrew W. Mathieson* 1946
Robert McCarthy 1971
John B. McClay* 1950
Robert McEldowney, Jr.* 1936
The Estate of Helen and Stuart McMurray
Stuart E. McMurray* 1931
Donna M. and John C. Miller, Jr. 1971
Dr. Alexander* and Frances Minno
James W. Minteer 1957
Molly R. and Donald H. Montgomery
George N. Morgan* 1892
Dominic Navarro, Jr.* 1946
Joseph W. Oliver* 1925
C. Ward Parshall 1959
Jeffrey L. Pollock 1980
Craig D. Ramsey 1964
Alexander P. Reed, Jr.* 1942
Walter D. Riddle, Jr.* 1936
Wallace H. Rowe* 1919
Robert G. Runnette* 1956
John E. Russell* 1917
S. Murray Rust, Jr.* 1930
Edwin F. Scheetz, Jr. 1950
J. P. Scheetz*
Augustus O. Schroeder* 1959
David S. Shapira
Joseph A. Shenkan*
Grant M. Shipley* 1942
Richard Simon 1939
Edward H. Sipe* 1944
C. Donald Smith
Robert L. Spear* 1927
John F. Steel 1950
E. B. Strassburger* 1934
Edwin J. Strassburger 1964
Barbara and Robert* Todd 1950
B. McKinley Hinds Trust
Jeff J. Varadi 1966
Catherine Vodrey 1981
William F.B. Vodrey 1983
William F. Wallace 1966
Anne and Sean Warren 1978
Betsy and Charles Watkins
Marc Wedner* 1956
Biddle A. Whigham* 1943
Jerold B. Wilkoff 1949
Stark William*
John M. Wolf* 1938

(*) indicates deceased
The Semper Society